What is the Best Flooring for Pets?

Choosing the best flooring for pets will enable you to deliver comfort to your pets and lessen the damage they might cause due to scratching or spilling. But how will you know which is the best flooring that equally promises comfort, cleans sufficiently, and is durable enough?
Well, you do not need to fret over this matter.

We have a list of the best flooring for pets that will cover all the qualities you seek in the flooring and pull you out of the hassle. These floorings will not only be pet-friendly but they will also give your decor a much-required shine.

The pet-friendly floorings to consider are as follows:

1 Carpet

If you wish to ensure maximum comfort to your pet, then carpet can be one of the best floorings to opt for. Although carpets require extra effort in cleanliness compared to hard flooring, they guarantee comfort over anything. It also allows a soft landing for your pets. However, you must be careful while choosing carpets for pets. There are different types of carpets, and every carpet does not cater to the requirements you may have for your pet. Hence, you should not pick any out of the blue. It is better to opt for carpets that are resistant to water and stains. Carpets with tightly woven fibres will make pets less likely to claw them. Also, be mindful that loop carpets are something you should distance yourself from because they are not pet-friendly. Their claws are more prone to get stuck on the loops.

2 Tiles

Tile flooring is durable, and stylish, and remains in vogue with many textures, patterns, and styles. Tile is ideal for pet owners due to its resistance to damage and wear. What’s more? It requires minimal upkeep. Spills and pet accidents won’t harm tile floors. This is cost-effective making them a practical option. Porcelain tiles offer robustness and can mimic natural stone or wood, ensuring a cohesive look across various rooms.

3 Laminate

Another sensible choice of flooring for pets is laminate. Its water-resistant and easy-to-clean properties and ease of maintenance make it the most suitable option for pet owners. Irrespective of the muddy paws, shaking off the rain-soaked fur, or any form of spillage on laminate flooring, you will not be required to scrub the floor for hours, but a few minutes of effortless wiping will get you rid of the stains without any hassle. Even if scratches occur, which is quite inevitable given the nature of pets, they will be less noticeable to your eye.

4 Luxury Vinyl

Luxury vinyl is luxurious in terms of the quality of flooring but is a way more affordable alternative to stone or wood. It is famous for its hard-wearing properties and is a perfect fit to fight off the daily wear and tear. The scratch-resistant and waterproof properties it has, make it easy for you to get rid of any scrapes or scuffs caused by your furry friends.

5 Engineered Wood

Engineered wood shows a higher resistant to moisture than solid hardwood. While engineered wood is not entirely pet-proof, it can be a solid choice for pet-friendly homes when proper precautions are taken. Pets, especially dogs, can scratch the surface of engineered wood. To minimize this risk, choose engineered wood with a high-quality top layer and a strong finish. Keeping pets’ nails trimmed can also help reduce scratching.

Seek the Below 5 Features in Flooring IF You Have Pets

And being a pet owner, you are totally aware of the mess pets can create. But do not worry because you are not alone in this. Every pet owner has to face the challenges that come with adopting pets. This has certainly made you ponder whether there is any pet-proof solution to all the damage.

Well, you can always think of installing flooring with the below features:

  • Scratch Free
  • No doubt pets create a fun atmosphere where you can spend a good time with them. But you cannot be blind to the havoc they wreak on the floors with their paws and claws, with scratches and scrapes around, breaking items, muddy pawprints spread across, etc. Go for flooring that is scratch-free.
  • Non-Slippery
  • Pets run around the house and slip if the floors are not slip-resistant. With non-slip flooring like carpets, you can be more at ease knowing that your pet’s playful antics won’t turn into a trip to the vet.
  • Durable
  • You cannot stop your pets from scratching the floors or spilling liquids on it. But you can install a floor that resists scratches, dents, and moisture. Durability should be one of the key attributes when it comes to choosing pet-friendly flooring.
  • Easy to Clean
  • Pet parents know that their floors cannot be kept completely safe from stains, dirt, mud, liquid spills, and other messes. Choosing flooring that is easy to clean is a prudent decision when it comes to flooring that is suitable for pets. Opt for flooring that doesn’t stain easily.
  • Moisture-proof
  • Pet splash!! We know as pet parents you are used to spills caused due to your beloved pets. Moisture-induced mold or fungus can be pretty scary. Water-resistant flooring like Vinyl can solve this issue.

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