Commercial Flooring Options

Commercial flooring options are as varied as the businesses they serve. Commercial customers have to consider longevity, value for money, safety and noise far more seriously than residential customers, who can predominantly focus on the aesthetics. Selecting the best floor covering for your business is rarely down to any single factor, but more down to striking the right balance, depending on your priorities. In order to do this you must select the best flooring contractors you can find, so you are confident you can trust their guidance. Selecting the wrong contractor could prove far more costly in the long run.

Choosing the right contractors usually involves taking into account factors such as value, quality and practicality. Delivering all of these while providing the look you want can be a challenge. If cost is your main priority, then affordable commercial lino flooring will probably be the best option. However, this may not provide the look and style you desire. On the other hand, if you select a floor covering solely on the way it looks, you may later discover that it isn’t hardwearing enough. You also need to consider safety: if you run a shop, will your customers slip on a damp floor when they come in with wet feet from the rain? Only a company with plenty of experience that offers a full range of commercial flooring options can reliably advise you on the best choices for your premises, budget and aesthetic requirements.

Look for a company that offers a professional service combined with the helpfulness and trust you’d associate with a family business. Bainton Flooring has these attributes and more. We’re proud to have been serving individuals and businesses all over the UK and Europe for more than fifty years, whether they required plush carpets or rubber commercial flooring. You can trust us and our fully trained and accredited staff. Contact us on (+44) 01202 513985 or by using our contact form on our website at

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