Commercial Safety Flooring

Commercial safety flooring can have many applications in your workplace. From factory floors to hospitals and care homes; from retail outlets to offices: even these will have bathrooms and kitchens, areas where a wet floor could cause slips and falls. Then, there are hygiene considerations from commercial kitchens to operating theatres, high standards of cleanliness have to be maintained for public safety. These are just a few of the areas where safety flooring could help; every workplace is different and has its own, unique challenges. Thankfully, there is a wider range of options available than ever, and below we’ll take a look at what’s available for you.

If you search for regulations regarding safety flooring UK wide, you’ll find the Health and Safety Executive states that any floor in a workplace needs to be suited to the type of activity that takes place there. Your first challenge, therefore, is to carry out a risk assessment of all areas in your place of business. Flooring must be in good condition carpet that’s snagged or has holes is a potential tripping hazard, for instance. Worn or scratched vinyl flooring poses risks in terms of bacteria and fungi developing in the broken surface, as another example. While this latter may simply be unsightly in a shop, it has serious health implications for an environment such as a kitchen.

Next, if the floor is likely to be subject to contamination, slipping hazards must be examined. What is the nature of the likely contaminant? Rainwater, chemicals or oils fats and greases, or a combination? The slip resistance of the flooring you must fit is determined by the slip risks faced in each location. One other important consideration is footfall: how many people pass through space and how often? Safety rubber flooring can be an excellent option for many commercial premises. It’s burn-resistant and durable. It is naturally slip-resistant and easy to clean. The huge range of colours available also means you can select something that complements the aesthetic of your premises.

Finally, finding the best flooring contractors for your requirements will ensure a good quality installation. You should expect your contractors to advise appropriate solutions for your needs; prepare the surface adequately before laying the new flooring; offer detailed advice on future maintenance. If non-slip safety flooring is a concern in your workplace, contact Bainton Flooring today. Our experienced and well-trained staff will help you choose the best flooring solutions for your business. Ring us on (+44) 01202 513985 or send an enquiry through the contact form on our website at

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