Vinyl Safety Flooring

Vinyl safety flooring comes in many colours and finishes. However, when you’re dealing with health and safety in the workplace, these probably won’t be your priority. Modern safety flooring is extremely versatile and is primarily used in areas where there is a high chance of slips, trips and falls. Bathrooms are the obvious example, but it can also be found in kitchens, cafeterias and changing rooms. It is considerably more durable than normal vinyl flooring. Leading to some companies utilising it in areas that see a high volume of foot traffic, regardless of the likelihood of it getting wet.

The versatility of safety vinyl flooring does not end with its slip resistance when wet. It can also be used to minimise risk where spills of oils, grease and fats can cause hazards. More than that, it is non-porous and therefore easy to clean. Making it invaluable where hygiene is a particular consideration.

Specialist vinyl floor options include stain and chemical resistance. As well as pre-treatment with antibacterial and fungicidal coatings. Furthermore, vinyl flooring can be selected for its thickness. Which provides shock absorbance and therefore comfort underfoot for workers; as well as noise absorption properties. Being aware of the range of attributes, and having technical advice from knowledgeable flooring contractors on which to prioritise is essential. To maximise the benefit of the vinyl flooring you choose.

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