Commercial Wooden Flooring

We at Bainton Flooring offer an extensive selection of commercial wooden flooring. You can choose from custom-made solid exotics, exquisitely engineered oak, and easy-care laminates that mimic the real thing.


Whether for your retail store, pub, café, or hotel space, wooden flooring can give an elegant and classy look with a cosy and warm feel.

Commercial wooden flooring is ideal for hotels because it provides an opulent aesthetic while still being warm and welcoming. Wooden flooring is an excellent choice for a lobby or entrance because of the inviting and cosy atmosphere it creates.

Offices need to look practical and aesthetic equally. The office spaces that do not get natural light can make the place brighter using light-coloured wooden flooring. Moreover, for enclosed commercial spaces like gyms, commercial wooden flooring can enhance the air-quality.

The ease with which these floors may be cleaned makes them ideal for food service establishments prioritising cleanliness and hygiene.


Wood flooring’s long-term worth is guaranteed by its durability, which is the main factor influencing commercial property owners’ decisions. It appears better with time than other types of flooring. A professionally installed commercial wood floor can last for decades; the colour and character will not fade and properly kept planks will not buckle or splinter.

Depending on the species, hardwoods come in a wide variety of colours, ranging from the light rustic oak to the striking scarlet of maple, making them a versatile material for use in a wide variety of design contexts.

Value for money
Solid hardwoods like oak and maple last longer, which makes them worthy of investment. These are low maintenance, saving you time and resources.

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Our high-quality wood flooring has been used in various commercial projects for over 50 years.
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• Aspinal of London
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Bainton Flooring Provides High-Quality Wood Flooring 

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