Why Commercial Matting Is So Important For Restaurants?

Restaurant floor mats play an important role in maintaining the safety and cleanliness of restaurants. They provide a slip-resistant surface, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries. Restaurant entrance mats trap dirt and moisture at the entrance itself, thereby, preventing them from being scattered throughout the restaurant. Commercial matting for restaurants also contributes to the aesthetic appeal of the overall restaurant area and enhances the dining experience for customers. Restaurant kitchen mats serve multiple utilities, making them an essential asset for any restaurant.

In this article, we will delve into the critical reasons why commercial matting is indispensable for restaurants.


#1 Floor Care: Preserving cleanliness and durability
The primary benefit of using restaurant floor mats is their ability to uphold cleanliness. By strategically placing mats, you can significantly prolong the lifespan of your floors, saving you money on expensive maintenance and replacements. No matter how careful and trained your staff is, occasional food/beverage spilling on the floor is inevitable in a restaurant environment. Commercial mats play a vital role in keeping these messes off the floor.

#2 Safety: Preventing accidents
Without appropriate floor mats, slip-and-fall accidents can become a frequent event. These accidents, whether involving staff or customers, can be costly and disruptive. Commercial mats offer a cushioned and slip-resistant surface that reduces the risk of falls.

#3 Kitchen Hygiene: Containing bacteria by maintaining floor hygiene
By keeping external elements off the floor, mats contribute to the well-being of your customers, which is important in today’s health-sensitive world. Any contamination can create a huge liability for your business. Restaurant kitchen mats also play a crucial role in maintaining floor hygiene in the kitchen, preventing the spread of bacteria and diseases.

#4 Worker Comfort: Enhancing Productivity
Well-designed kitchen mats in areas where your staff spends long working hours can help reduce fatigue and muscle strain. By acting as a barrier between their feet and the hard ground, these mats can improve comfort and lead to increased productivity, decreased downtime, and a workforce that is happier and healthier.

#5 Noise Reduction:
The use of commercial mats, with cushioning properties, can help to dampen the sound of foot traffic and create a more enjoyable dining atmosphere. This allows customers to have conversations without excessive background noise or unpleasant distractions.

#6 Branding and Visual Appearance
The aesthetics and branding of a restaurant play a crucial role in attracting and retaining customers. Customizable commercial mats offer the opportunity to add the restaurant’s logo, name, or specific design, creating a unified and professional look that showcases the restaurant’s brand. These branded mats can act as a subtle advertising tool and increase brand recognition.

#7 Easy Maintenance and Cleanliness:
Commercial mats are specifically designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. They effectively trap dirt, debris, and moisture, preventing them from spreading throughout the restaurant. Regular vacuuming or cleaning of these mats is much simpler and less time-consuming than attempting to clean the entire restaurant floor.


Restaurant kitchen floor mats are required in the following areas:
Reception: Stations: To create a welcoming environment
Interior Entranceways: Restaurant entrance mats prevent dirt and debris from being carried into the main area of the restaurant
Bartending Stations: To provide a slip-resistant surface for bartenders
Dishwasher’s Stands: Mats are essential in these areas, to prevent accidents due to wet floors
Cook’s Stations: Anti-fatigue kitchen floor mats are crucial to reducing staff discomfort in kitchen areas
Dining Area: Commercial floor mats can provide aesthetic appeal, reduce friction, and create safer foot traffic way in the main dining area

Elevating Your Restaurant Space with Bainton Flooring

Commercial Matting for Restaurants helps maintain a high standard of cleanliness, which is crucial for safety and adherence to hygiene regulations. Whether it’s restaurant floor mats, kitchen mats, or entrance mats, the right choice can transform your business space, improve safety, and promote your brand. Commercial matting also contributes to worker comfort.

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