Top 6 benefits of the Commerical Matting


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Commercial matting solutions from Bainton Flooring prevent dirt situations and improves your facility’s indoor air quality.

The accumulation of dust in commercial office premises can go unnoticed over extended periods. It usually ends up tarnishing both internal and external office surfaces. However, this can be prevented with the use of commercial mats. Also, the dust particles that enter office spaces can create airborne particulate matter (PM) issues and cause serious health problems.

The benefits of commercial matting extend further to include the below points:

Benefits of Commercial Matting

Protect Floors

Commercial floor matting serves as a shield protecting the floor surface from pedestrian movements, machinery, and other friction-causing items that can damage the floor surface. They assist in warding off scratches, abrasions, and damage inflicted by footwear or rolling items such as carts. By safeguarding the base floor layer, these mats can prolong its durability while eliminating the necessity for expensive substitutions or repairs.

Save Money

Shielding floors from harm, commercial mats can result in significant financial savings for businesses over time. Footfalls in commercial spaces result in filthier surfaces and necessitate more maintenance. Gradually, the shine of a floor fades away due to dirt and direct friction from foot traffic. The replacement of flooring is considerably expensive. Therefore, using mats serves as a cost-effective strategy to preserve the condition of floors.

Enhance Appearance

Top-notch commercial mats can significantly improve the workspace’s overall visual appeal. With the wide range of styles, hues, and patterns at your disposal, mats can be chosen to match interior decoration perfectly enhancing the aesthetic attractiveness of your commercial space.

Dissipate Static

In certain sectors like electronic production units or sterile environments where static electricity could pose significant problems. Commercial anti-static mats have the ability to neutralize static electricity thereby preventing potential harm to delicate electronic devices as well as safeguarding employees from potential electrostatic shocks.


A variety of commercial matting choices are available for customization, enabling companies to incorporate their emblems, branding elements or unique slogans. This personalized touch not only fosters a proficient and cordial ambience but also strengthens the brand’s persona, leaving an enduring positive impact on patrons and visitors.

Improve Safety

Safety remains paramount in any commercial premises. Mats come with non-slip features that substantially lower incidences of slipping accidents, particularly in areas with water spills or damp conditions. Matting solutions are engineered to offer ergonomic comfort, decreasing exhaustion for workers who remain on their feet for prolonged durations.

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