Residential Kitchen Amtico


The above image shows an example of our residential Amtico kitchen flooring. This is a recent installation by our team and is made from Amtico Fragment Nova, Fragment Abyss with Apollo Star Motif and a custom border. The black flooring helps to modernise the overall design of the kitchen while the white border and faint tile features bring a unique finish. This is a great example to show how the very minimal designs offered from Amtico flooring can improve kitchens like yours!


Amtico flooring is made from resin which is compounded with various high-quality plasticizers and mixed with stabilizers. Amtico also users customised printed films. This means that it has the ability of resembling any material such as hardwood, stone or tile flooring! Because of this, you can receive the quality design of different materials but with many more benefits. Whether you wish to create a warm and cosy or modern and clean design, our Amtico floors are perfect for you!

As well as this, Amtico flooring designs are durable to heat and moisture, making it the perfect solution for your kitchen or bathroom. With strong materials, this flooring option is also extremely easy to clean so you don’t have to worry about stains and food spills, etc.

Residential Kitchen Amtico

If you are looking for quality Amtico flooring for your residential kitchen, then why not come to Bainton Flooring today! With over 250 tiles and designs to choose from, we guarantee to provide you with some of the best Amtico kitchen flooring! These quality products will give you the ability to express your style and individuality whilst also providing you with a range of practicalities!

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