Maintaining flooring

Most flooring materials are maintained in the same or a similar way, by thoroughly sweeping followed by mopping. Vinyl flooring should be protected first with a doormat, so initial dirt and mud is taken away before getting to the actual flooring. Vinyl flooring doesn’t require heavy duty cleaning products, so after thoroughly sweeping you will only need to use soap and warm water, but don’t leave a great deal of standing water on the flooring material for a long period of time because it will damage.

Rubber flooring should be maintained by hoovering over initially, followed by mopping, however like the vinyl you only need a damp mop so not to drench the floor in water. You should avoid using harsh chemicals when cleaning rubber flooring as it’s possible for the material to erode.

Carpeting can tend to be a slightly more high maintenance material. Ideally it should be hoovered daily, dependant on your lifestyle. Any spillages on carpet would have to be cleaned immediately, as spillages on carpet will set much faster than any other material. When carpet needs to be thoroughly cleaned, it is usually best to have them professionally cleaned as high street brands may bury stains deeper into the carpet.

Linoleum flooring is another easy to clean material, so long as spillages are cleaned immediately. It requires sweeping regularly, followed by mopping with a damp mop and soap if stains aren’t picked up by water alone. Scuffs from shoes and furniture are likely to be caused on linoleum flooring, these need to be tended too as soon as they’re noticed. Any scratches or burns that appear on linoleum flooring also need to be attended too, which can be done using a nylon cleaning brush.

Hard wood flooring should be maintained by dusting the floor, which can be done using a mop and dusting agent, then hoover the floor, ensuring you’re not using anything that will scratch it. To clean a hard wood floor you should mop the floor with a damp mop and soft cleaning products, ensuring no standing water is left. Don’t use harsh chemicals as they may damage the floor.

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