Flooring Trends of 2017

Flooring trends are always changing and for the start of the New Year we bring you a range of new flooring trends for both residential and commercial use. All of our flooring materials can be suited for purpose. In this post we will aim to give a rough idea what flooring works best where in a commercial setting. Tiled flooring is going strong this January, with a variety of different styles becoming more popular including patterned tiles, a use of creative layouts, coloured tiles, and hex shaped tiles. Using tiles for flooring would not work well in every commercial setting, but they would work practically within a toilet as they are easy to clean, as well as some commercial kitchens.

Other trends that seem to be becoming increasingly popular include dark wood flooring, which has always been popular but is now at the forefront of hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring can get scratched and damaged so those aspects would need to be considered dependant on location. However it can look really stylish and up to date, creating a stylish brand for your business. Full cover carpeting and vinyl flooring work well practically; vinyl can be really simple to clean but can be water damaged and carpet can also be water damaged, but only needs a hoover every day in a commercial setting with the occasional full clean. Both flooring types work well in an office setting.


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