Flooring Trends of 2016

All the flooring products we provide can be made to look chic and up to date, but some of the trends for 2016 so far seem to be quite directed towards wood flooring. Hardwood flooring can be expensive, but now that laminate and vinyl flooring can come in so many colours and designs, it doesn’t have to be. Laminate and vinyl flooring can be made to look exactly like wood flooring, in any wood, any colour.

Residential flooring styles of today can range over everything. Anything can be made to look great in a residential or commercial setting. From tile to laminate, some may be more practical for purpose and durable, but you can guarantee whatever flooring you get will look great.

Amtico flooring is proving very popular in 2016, in residential and commercial settings as a wood floor substitute. Amtico flooring resembles a natural hard wood floor, but is made from a mix of resin and high quality plasticizers, along with stabilizers.


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