Flooring for Homes with Pets

Finding the perfect residential flooring material for a home can be difficult, but when you have pets it makes the choice harder and more limited. However, you can incorporate your pets into your lifestyle while still keeping the same styles through your home. You do need to consider nail scuffs from unclipped paws as well as malting pet hair. Does your pet shed a lot of fur, and is it something that needs to be considered when selecting your flooring material?

Possible accidents that may happen, for younger pets, puppies for instance may still need to be toilet trained, they may be hyperactive and playful which could create more accidents, which is just something to be considered before installing a luxurious new carpet. For most pets, an easy to clean floor is essential, something that can be swept of pet hair and mopped of any spills.

Vinyl flooring is a great solution for a pet friendly, residential home due to its durability and stain resistance. This flooring is easy to clean, so if your furry friends tend to malt their fur it’s easy to sweep and wipe down. It’s waterproof which may make a difference for extra slobbery dogs and untrained puppies.

Linoleum flooring is also good for pets for the same reasons as vinyl, both being resilient to scratches and dents, however any standing liquid will be a problem, so any accidents would need to be cleaned up immediately.

If you already have flooring installed and want it protected, then an area rug may be a good idea, however don’t splash out on expensive carpeting as it may have to be replaced. A rug will attract dog hair and any stains will obviously be more difficult to get rid of, unclipped nails won’t be a problem and will protect the flooring below from scratches.


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