Flooring for a Restaurant

For all areas of a restaurant you will want an easy, low maintenance flooring material that can be cleaned daily. There are different areas of a restaurant which you may want to consider using different flooring for as the traffic levels and purpose will differ. The kitchen for instance, should be a low maintenance material, durable and safe so it can withstand the high temperatures of the kitchen, and the high, fast paced traffic of kitchen and waiting staff. It should look good, but is not something customers will see so it doesn’t need to be as fitting with the tone of the restaurant. Practicality should be the main factor when choosing this commercial flooring material.

Appropriate flooring for a kitchen could be any slip resistant, durable material. Examples of this include safety flooring, vinyl flooring, tiles could also be used however they may be a slight risk of slippage.

The main dining area of the restaurant should be very presentable, and fitting with the tone and brand of the restaurant. It should also be low maintenance so it can be cleaned daily, and durable for the high level of traffic it will receive. It should be safe and slip resistant for the hot food and beverages being carried around.

There is a much wider variety of flooring materials that could be used in the main area of the restaurant compared with the kitchen. However, like the kitchen, it should be slip resistant, durable and low maintenance as it will need to be cleaned regularly. This flooring material could range anything from vinyl, to linoleum, to laminate. The flooring also needs to be able to withstand spillages of food and drinks, which may result in standing water, so something like hard wood wouldn’t work as well.

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