Dorset Flooring Fitting

If you need new flooring for your commercial or residential property, our professional flooring specialists can help! It is always important to rely on local flooring contractors to complete the installation as this can be more effective than trying to fit it yourself.


With years of experience, we pride ourselves in offering some of the best Dorset flooring fitting for customers both locally and in surrounding areas.

Whether your new flooring is for commercial or residential use, we will make sure to provide you with quality products that enhance your property. Preparation is key when laying down new flooring. With our flooring contractors on board and with years of knowledge to hand, we will be able to properly prepare your space for a new flooring to be laid.

Without this skill, you could risk installing a floor unevenly or getting damaged quicker than normla. This could result in you having to invest in new flooring sooner than planned. Our Dorset flooring fitters will save yuo this cost by providing you with expert installation services.

The Correct Procedure

Another consideration when you plan on buying flooring for your property is how much you will need. While some rooms are easier to measure than others, you will need a professional to precisely measure the space and accurately determine the quantity of floor needed.

This will vary with different floor types, like wooden flooring for example. It is important to allow space when installing this floor as it is known to expand once it has been fitted. Because of this, you will need to understand more about the flooring you are interested in before purchasing.

Safety Floor Fitters

Securing your flooring correctly doesn’t just make the floor look good but it will also reduce the risk of injury. This is especially important for commercial properties as unsecured flooring could shift underfoot, become damaged or cause injury. This could cost your business and may also lead to legal liability. Choosing a local flooring contractor can help you save unrequired hassle and money.


At Bainton Flooring, we have a wealth of experience when it comes to ensuring customers receive only the best flooring installations. Whether you need residential or commercial flooring, we have a full range of surfaces available at our showroom in Bournemouth. For more information, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team on (+44) 01202 513985.

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