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Not many companies combine experience, professionalism, and excellent customer service, as well as the size required to operate on a national scale. No matter where you are in the country, when you select your flooring contractors, be sure you are choosing the right one for you. Opting to work with an inferior company can end up being very costly in the long run, especially if they do not provide the level of service, quality of finish, or after-service you’d expect from a professional company.

You might think you need to source a local company when you need a commercial flooring. However, there are advantages to searching for a national company that offers commercial flooring UK-wide.


Resources: National-level commercial companies have extensive resources, an adequate workforce, specialised equipment, availability of required flooring materials, and a robust supply chain. The vast geographical reach is also beneficial if you have commercial spaces/business branches located in different parts of the country and the same contractor can be tasked with flooring solutions across all branches.

Standardised Processes: Efficient and flawless flooring project execution requires standard protocols and well-structured processes. National flooring contractors have established SOPs that ensure uniform quality across all their projects. This also prevents project delays and ensures timely completion.

Diversified Knowledge: With projects undertaken across geographies comprising the whole country, national flooring companies develop a peculiar acumen for their service area. This enables them to manage even highly complex and custom flooring installations seamlessly.

Reliability: National flooring contractors have more reputation at stake and therefore, they are more concerned about providing better customer service and client satisfaction. They know the review in one city can affect their business in others too and the scale at which they operate makes them financially more viable to spend considerably on customer support and after-sales services.

Affordable Costs: National contractors can charge lower rates than local commercial flooring contractors due to their broader scope, spread overhead expenses, and economies of scale.

Personalised Attention: With more workforce, comes more personalised attention compared to what a local contractor could provide. National contractors are known to provide bespoke flooring options as per the client’s need.

Adherence to National Safety Regulations: When you hire a national commercial flooring contractor, you can be assured that flooring regulations across the UK regarding commercial building safety and quality assurance are met without loopholes.

Bainton Flooring: A National Commercial Flooring Contractor

So whether you are looking for commercial flooring Devon based or further afield, why not contact Bainton Flooring? We’re a firm that provides the best of both worlds. We offer a friendly and personal service but have spent the last fifty years working for customers all over the UK and Europe.

We stock most major brands for all types of floor coverings, so you have countless options to choose from.

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