Choosing Flooring for Commercial Use

Carpeting (Broadloom)

Broadloom carpeting can make a good material for commercial use, its many positive factors include the lack of seams for dirt to get trapped in, unlike tiled carpeting, broadloom carpet has no seams so less opportunity for dirt and dust to gather. It also makes for good insulation and sound barrier, as well as being stable once installed, so it won’t move around and can be reliable. Although it is reliable in that it won’t move around, in high traffic areas of the room, the carpet may begin to show wear, and there is no moving this carpeting or replacing a section, whereas with tiled carpet you would be able to replace the part that needs replacing. Broadloom carpet can also be expensive to maintain, after the expense of installation costs.

Carpeting (Tiled)

Tiled carpeting is easier and therefore cheaper to install and can be installed over most floor types, making it a convenient flooring material. Tiled carpeting is also much easier to clean and maintain, with the ability to remove individual tiles. However, although you are able to remove individual tiles, tiled carpeting does collect dirt within the seams of the tiles and the tiles can be more costly than a roll of broadloom carpet. Just like the broadloom carpet, this carpet style is not good for any damp areas of flooring.

Wood Flooring

Wood flooring can look very stylish, making it a popular choice for shops and other commercial settings. It is easy to clean and quite low maintenance once installed, it would only need to be swept and mopped every so often. Wood flooring is good for high traffic areas and can be re finished if it does get ruined for any reason. However, wooden flooring can be loud to walk on which would need to be considered before installing, and any spillages that are left could damage the flooring.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Luxury vinyl tiles can be quick and easy to install. They are very durable so good for locations with high or heavy footed traffic. This material is resistant to scratches, chipping and cracking and is easy to maintain, only needing sweeping or hoovering and mopping over every so often. Unlike ceramic tiles, vinyl tiles are able to hold their vibrant colour for much longer and are also much warmer to walk on, which would only be something to consider if that would be an issue in your environment. As well as the positive points about luxury vinyl tiles, these are a relatively new material and there is a lack of transition pieces, with only staining unfinished wood to match the already existing material.

Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring is softer than most other flooring materials, as well as being water resistant, making it a good material for children’s play parks and areas. It is also resistant to burns from small heat sources and if a fire were to ever occur, this material would not let off toxic fumes into the air. As well as being practical, this material is available in a wide variety of colours and textures. Although rubber flooring is water resistant, it does have to be considered that water is able to seep through the flooring and tiles may begin to curl if water is left for a long period of time, it can also become slippery when it does get wet which may need to be considered if used for a children’s play area. Also, if the flooring were to stain, some staining agents are likely to discolour the surface of the material.

Safety Flooring

Safety flooring can be extremely durable, making it good for high traffic areas and is designed to be easily maintained and cleaned. It is water resistant and resistant to scratches and dents. This flooring is designed to be slip and fall resistant, making it a good material to be used in environments like schools, doctor’s surgeries and retirement homes.


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