Looking for Carpets in Poole?

Are you looking for carpets in the Poole area and unsure of who provides these services nearby? Bainton Flooring can help, we are a carpet fitting company located in Bournemouth and assist in professional floor fitting for surrounding locations including Poole. Founded in 1963, we have all the knowledge and understanding it takes to perfectly fit any carpet into any room or property! Our knowledgeable team have a minimum of 15 years’ experience and provide expert advice to all our customers.

Why not visit our showroom, located at 92-94 Castle Lane West in Bournemouth, and gain inspiration for your home. Whether you choose modern colours for your lounge or bold patterns for your stairs, we provide a range of styles with both budget and luxurious options to choose from! Bainton Flooring is the best route to comfortably complete a unique design to your property. With full flexibility in choosing what’s right for your home, we guarantee our team will support your ideas and perfectly install your desired style!

Carpet flooring is the most popular option in the UK and we know why. Adding comfort and security to any home, carpet is a great addition to any property. As well as a range of benefits, warm and thick feel, carpets are not only a great option for reducing noise transfer but its non-slip and soft properties can also provide a sense of protection and cushioning for falling objects and young children. These features act as an insulation and has been proven to help save up to 4-6% in annual heating bills, an absolute essential for the colder months, so what more could you ask for?

Open Monday-Friday from 8:30am-5:00pm, visit our Bournemouth store or contact us on 01202 513985 if you have any questions on our facilities and want to make a booking for a carpet fitting in Poole.

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