Carpet trends of 2017

Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are most commonly used in commercial settings. They’re used in lots of offices as they can be easy to clean, being able to clean one tile at a time and only need to be replaced one tile at a time if any damage occurs. Carpet tiles are also easier to install than other types, the tiles making it easy to all fit together.

Carpet Runners and Area Rugs

Rugs and runners can look great if used correctly. The right size rug is definitely necessary for the right room. Rugs can be used in every room in a home potentially and are less commonly used in commercial spaces but can be occasionally to make a commercial space look more homely. In the bedroom and living room, softer rugs with more neutral tones tend to work well, whereas for a runner in the entrance hall you should express your style and make an impression.

Grey, Neutral and Cooler Tones

Grey, neutral and cooler tones in carpeting are most common and leave space to accessorise a room with colour without over powering it.

Flecked Carpets

Flecked carpets are stylish and look good in most rooms. They are also practical and hide dirt that appears not making it stand out quite so much because of the flecked effect they look clean and tidy not needing to be hoovered as often as plain coloured carpet.


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