Bournemouth Flooring Options

Getting the right type of flooring for your Bournemouth home is vital. The wrong flooring option could lead to an unsafe and unusable room. At Bainton Flooring in Bournemouth we will help you to choose the flooring that is practical for you while still matching your style.


There are many different floors to choose from across the Bournemouth and Dorset area. But choosing the right Bournemouth flooring contractor is the first step in ensuring a stress-free flooring journey. The flooring contractor you choose should be able to help you choose the right flooring for your space while presenting enough options to suit your taste.

The factors that can affect the floor material that is right for you include:

  • Location
  • Type of property
  • Purpose
  • Maintenance level

If the flooring a contractor installs in your property is not well suited you may have a floor that becomes mouldy, warped, curled at the edges and slippery. So, when you are looking for a flooring contractor in Bournemouth there are some factors you should keep in mind.

Material Upkeep

The material you decide to use for your residential premise in Bournemouth will determine the amount of maintenance your room will need. For instance, carpeting will only need vacuuming to keep it clean and tidy whereas hardwood will need polishing to keep it in top condition.

Area Usage

The space designated for new flooring in your home may be used for different activities. A living room is somewhere people are likely to eat and drink while a hallway is more likely to encounter dirt from shoes. This is something to keep in mind when looking at Bournemouth flooring options, as it can be important to choose spill resistant flooring or easy to clean flooring depending on the level of care you can put into the floor once it is installed.

Location of the Room

The room you are installing new flooring in may not be suitable for the floor option you are looking at because of the sun light it receives or the furniture in the room. For instance, laminate flooring can scratch from moving furniture and carpet can become faded quickly in direct sunlight. This can damage flooring prematurely.

Commercial or Residential Property

The other major consideration when browsing flooring options in Bournemouth is whether the flooring is for a business or home. Commercial properties must consider the safety of employees and customers when installing new flooring. When exposed to moisture hardwood flooring can become slippery and a trip hazard so may not be suitable for commercial entryways. While rubber and vinyl flooring are a tough flooring idea for high foot fall areas such as in a store.


No matter the flooring option you require, Bainton Flooring is a leading supplier of luxury carpetssafety flooring and laminate flooring across Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset. We are a family run flooring store and contractors, with over 50 years’ experience of serving both residential and commercial customers. All our fitters are all highly skilled and accredited, each with a minimum of 15 years of experience in their trade. If you have any questions or would like guidance in choosing the perfect flooring for your needs, contact us on (+44) 01202 513985.

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