Safety Floors and Where to Use Them?

Safety flooring is a proper layering on the floor that gives you a smooth walking experience without the fear of tripping or slipping down. Typically made from Vinyl, the flooring comes with an additional grit. The covering provides superior durability and makes those areas slip-resistant and require extra protection. 

The flooring covers are available in various designs and textured versions. It varies from stone to wood to marble. You can have your choice of safety flooring accordingly.

It is essential to note that safety flooring must attain a minimum of R10 on the slip-resistance testing. This happens to be a standard set for health and safety in order to ensure people’s safety in their respective places. Hence, make a responsible choice to invest in tested flooring and eliminate any risk of slips or harm.

Where Should You Use Safety Flooring?

Safety flooring can be used anywhere. However, these are more commonly used in commercial spaces.

Accidents can occur at any given point, and slipping is a highly occurring accident when the floor does not have anti-slip properties up to the mark. Since commercial spaces are frequented by people, you would not want your potential customers and employees to be subject to any harm. Hence, this safety flooring keeps your on-site visitors secure. 

The smooth anti-slip surface makes a good material for the environment it gets installed. The flooring is preferred and found in hospitals, educational establishments, office spaces, industrial areas, leisure centres, veterinary clinics, food preparation areas like kitchens, sports facilities, etc. 

What are the Benefits of Safety Flooring?

Since we are discussing safety flooring, it is given that the flooring cover is designed to offer safety to the people traversing on it, reducing every little chance of leading to harm. 

  • The slip-resistant surface of safety flooring reduces the risk of falls, trips, and tumbles.
  • It has anti-bacterial properties that do not allow the bacteria to harbour on the surface. As a result, it promotes a clean and healthy environment.
  • It is suitable for those areas that are subjected to moisture and humidity. Also, the flooring is perfect for those spaces that require excellent hygiene levels. 
  • Vinyl flooring is a long-lasting choice for you. The material is durable enough for areas that have high footfall. You can avoid getting into the hassle of replacing it frequently. Instead, it will save you a penny.  
  • The flooring is super easy to maintain since it can be mopped and wiped without any hassle. This is the very reason why public areas prefer using it.
  • It also has the ability to resemble the look of tiles and wood. 

How is Safety Flooring Installed Efficiently? 

To initiate the process of installing safety flooring, you need to ensure that your surface is properly prepped. Make sure no oil, dirt, or debris accumulates on your current flooring before beginning the safety flooring process. These unwanted substances prevent the flooring from sticking to the underlying surface. 

Next, you need to cap and cove the area. Cap and Cove means to install safety flooring in a manner that makes it go up the wall. The benefit is that it prevents water from getting out by sealing it. This proves to be an excellent solution for maintaining hygiene. 

The process following this entails the actual laying of safety flooring. Make sure to leave about 25mm extra from both sides of the room as this will allow you to give a neat trim. Also, it is easier to install the flooring width-wise, instead of sticking to the lengthwise method. You can finish off the process by giving a clear or coloured sealant. This will illuminate your floors with a polished and professional look. 

Baintoon Flooring: Your Partner in Floor Safety Solutions

The selection of safety flooring should be based on the specific needs of the environment, taking into account factors such as foot traffic, potential spillages, and cleaning requirements. Its correct application can significantly reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. 

We recommend you seek professional help for installing the safety flooring. It will deliver the outcome and the quality you wish for. We at Baintoon would be more than thrilled to assist you in installing the safety you deserve. 

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