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Here at Bainton Flooring we are a supplier of Jacaranda Carpets. You will find the entire range of carpet samples in our showroom in Bournemouth. If you are interested, contact our carpet fitters in Bournemouth and we will provide you with some of the best residential carpet installations for your home!


Founded in 2003, Jacaranda Carpets has its eye on the ethics and environment. They hold environmental certifications and promote ethical labour practices. The majority of Jacaranda Carpets are hand-woven and it is said that each roll of carpet passes through at least 130 skilled hands.


Bainton Flooring supply the following types of Jacaranda Carpets:

  • Natural Shine – Jacaranda Carpets’ Natural Shine carpets are made of TENCEL™ a fibre that is known for its shine.
  • Handmade Wool – Jacaranda Carpets’ wool is renewable and recyclable. It is naturally hard-wearing and fire retardant. It is also coated in lanolin giving it some additional resistance to stains.
  • Machine Made Wool – Made from New Zealand wool, Jacaranda Carpet’s machine based wool is perfect for those wanting a beautiful shine and clean looking fibres.
  • Colour Match – Jacaranda Carpets also offers colour matching carpets, made from matching with fabric swatches and more. It is important to note that it can take up to 16 weeks to hand weave the carpet.


Jacaranda Carpets also offers a selection of rugs available to purchase including:

  • Natural shine rugs – which are made from the TENCEL™ fibre the reflection of light allows for a silky feel to the ‘natural shine’ rug.
  • Handmade wool rugs – which are soft and hard-wearing as well as recyclable and renewable
  • Bespoke design – Jacaranda Carpets regularly produces bespoke unique designs with briefs from customers.
  • Colour match – Jacaranda Carpets can produce colour matched rugs in line with supplied fabric swatches
  • Custom sized rugs – using the Jacaranda Carpets’ rug maker you can customise the size of your rug and choose the texture, edging and more.

Many of these can be ordered through the click and collect button below, all you need to do is select Bainton Flooring at checkout in order to collect from us.

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