Rubber Flooring

Whether you want to modernise your facility with vibrant colours or need a sturdy, reliable surface for a high-trafficked area., rubber flooring is a fine choice!

At Bainton Flooring, we offer professional, friendly, and high-quality flooring services. You will get innovative flooring that complements your brand’s aesthetics and usefulness.


Commercial rubber is softer than other hard surface materials, producing less noise. Rubber’s ability to muffle noise is beneficial in large, echoing spaces.

Easy maintenance
Besides being impermeable to mould and mildew, rubber flooring is also anti-microbial and resistive to most staining agents. A rubber floor can be kept in excellent condition with just a nightly vacuuming and damp mopping once the day’s events have concluded.

Commercial rubber is made from recycled rubber and can be recycled after use; therefore, it is a sustainable flooring option.


Commercial rubber flooring comes in unique shades, textures, and patterns. Feel warm underfoot and soft to the touch, and its aesthetics makes it the perfect choice for fitness centres, educational facilities, and in hospitality premises. In addition, recycled rubber has a wide range of customization and colour options, from basic black to various brilliant colour combinations in different intensities to add colour and visual effects.

Commercial Flooring Rubber Installation

Commercial rubber flooring’s simplicity in installation is a big selling point for those who want to put it in commercial spaces. They can be installed without glue or any other specialised equipment. Installing them directly atop a concrete slab is a breeze because you can either roll them out or lock them together.

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